Get your AANA Calculated within 20 MINUTES!

If you are looking for a service that will give you an overview of you'r firm’s AANA value for UMR compliance, you are in the right place.

Self-serving AANA IQ is here to help you calculate your Average Aggregate Notional Amount within minutes.

Our cost-effective cloud-based solution combined with jurisdiction based knowledge is guaranteed to render reliable AANA calculations.

Multi regime AANA will be calculated within 45 minutes for Phase five and 20 minutes for Phase six.

Users can manually upload the trade files or use our sftp to upload for automated report generation

Users can upload trade data multiple times to analyse the trading impact on AANA.

You, the client can upload trade data multiple times to analyse the trading impact on AANA.

Jurisdiction based Key Features

• Include or exclude regime specific product
• Include or exclude Intragroup trades
• Regime Specific AANA Calculation Method
• AANA threshold and observation period
• Target UMR compliance date


AANAA IQ is a self service portal, it allows client to perform
• Multiple jurisdiction analysis
• Product analysis
• Counterparty Group analysis
• Ad-hoc, as and when reporting
• View historic reports
• Interactive UI
• Generate PDF reports for offline sharing

How exactly does AANA IQ Work?

  1. 1

    Upload your trade information

    Submit your three months trade information as per the IMO Trade specification CSV file.

  2. 2

    The System will analyse and perform the AANA calculation.

    IMO will analyse your data and perform AANA calculation in a seamless, integrated manner. The user will get an email notification once the calculations are completed/failed.

  3. 3

    AANA Report

    Once the calculation is successfully completed, the system will check the AANA values against the Phase five and Phase six threshold for various jurisdictions and presents the results with an interactive UI to view and analyse.