Margin IQ

Want to calculate your AANA and IM together?

Margin IQ is our latest product to the market and has been designed to perform AANA and Grid IM both simultaneously, allowing you to give early insight into your UMR status. Upload data as per IMO Trade specificationfile , and the system will provide you AANA plus the Grid IM obligations. In addition, Margin IQ offers added 'what if scenario' insights into your IM commitment based on different trading scenarios. As your trading pattern will continue to change until September; you can foresee your IM commitments for various portfolio movements. You can use this to forecast margin requirements and make the necessary adjustments to your portfolio in advance.

Margin IQ Service

IMO will calculate your AANA and IM projections using the GRID model. System will precalculate Margin requirements based on portfolio movement from -20% to +20% variations. System can provide early indicator for

  • Level you need to trade at to breach the threshold limit
  • Margin headroom with respective counterparties

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